Three Months of Sailing Alaska: Everything Trip Planning


Past trips have included several months in Hong Kong and surrounding areas, four cross country road trips (starting from North Pole, Alaska, and with some Baja Mexico and Canadian detours), and two trips of a month or less on our current vessel, the 1989 Catalina 36 sailboat ‘Meander.’

Coming up, in February 2018—three months of exploring the wilderness of Prince William Sound, Alaska:  sailing, fishing, hiking, foraging, sailing the dinghy, exploring the coastline, cooking what we gather, a little light bird hunting, and some citizen science.

We may or may not cross the Gulf of Alaska in April.  We’ll see.

You may be interested…

General: By any stretch of the imagination, sailing for months in Prince William Sound is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  How to sketch the ten million things one wants to do, see, eat, experience, on a trip into a manageable framework.

Rough Draft Meal Options:  Although we’ll be in towns and villages at least once every few weeks, provisioning is a hobby of mine.  Yes, and my gourmand consumption of same is responsible for my pizza belly.  And legs.  And arms.  Sigh.  Still, I think even the less chubby could benefit from seeing how I sketch rough meal plans from start to GO! After all, I spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about my next meal :-).

Big Dog on a Boat:  Our adopted Great Pyrenees is twelve.  She’s lost what little hops she had, and she ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT go to the bathroom anywhere on the boat.  Seriously, she held one and two for five days in the Gulf of Alaska.   If we take Honey, how do we get her in and out of the dinghy twice a day?  We think we’ve figured it out, with some help from Where the Coconuts Grow, who paved the way with their geriatric dog.

Coming Soon








Dinghy Rowing and Sailing


Citizen Science



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