Clockwise from upper right: 1) Original 220 Ah house bank in 2015. 2) Same spot after old batteries removed. 3)Notch just large enough to fit last battery cut in fiberglass rim before installing (4) 6v Interstate golf cart batteries from Costco. Not shown are the subsequently installed battery straps, and rubber mat used to protect terminals. 4) Protective rubber mat pulled back to show batteries after two years of heavy daily use and several projects. Added distribution block to make disconnecting or adding terminals easier. Wired in a small inverter, new alternator, Midnight Solar Kid for our 600w of solar panels, cleaned up so much bad wiring! A few foam scraps in back cushion some spare wire and the fish tape, for lack of a better place atm. We have been tied to shore power most of the time, but these batteries have been off grid for four months out of the two years, so far, and have been sufdicient to our needs. Future plans: I’d love lithium, but unless I can use a Tesla Powerwall or somesuch, I don’t think I’m up to designing for it properly. The quality control has to be so tight…but who knows! Most likely, we’ll stick to golf cart batteries, and upsize from four to six or eight (600-800Ah!) by moving them to the existing location of our blackwater tank. This will also necessitate another energy source or additional solar. We’ve found 1w to 1Ah is a pretty decent ratio for battery storage/solar capacity to still get the batteries to 100% and to float charging, with our energy wants.

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