About ‘Meander’

Meander is a 1989 Catalina 36 sailboat registered in Seward, Alaska.  She has gone up and down the West Coast of the US a few times already, and she knows there is fun to be had yet!

Buying a BoatWe were supposed to have been packing for a winter of slackpacking.  But we spent the weekend in Seward, and wound up buying a boat.

Cabin: Description of the cabin of our 1989 Catalina 36.  

Construction: Description of the construction, as we know it, of our 1989 Catalina 36.

Electrical: As-purchased, current, and planned–description of the electrical system, from generation to consumption, aboard our 1989 Catalina 36.

The Dread HeadDodging sketchy pooping aboard our 1989 Catalina 36.

Sails and Rigging: Description of the sails and rigging aboard our Catalina 36, as we know it.  And we are NOT experts.

Engine and Drivetrain:  Description of the 25hp Universal diesel engine and associated drivetrain installed on our 1989 Catalina 36.

Dinghy:  Description of the Portland Pudgy dinghy we use to scoot around while our 1989 Catalina 36 is docked or anchored.