Our sweet old girl is dead.

So, damn, damn, damn.

Time just sweeps you along, will you, nil you. We let our Honey be put down just before crossing back into Canada in April. One moment, she hurt, but we had the right stuff to help her. The next moment, not even heavy doses of morphine could ease her pain. We were grateful this didn’t happen while a day’s drive from any vet, easily possible in Canada. I would have killed her with my bare hands to spare her the amount of pain I watched her endure.

We cried at random intervals all the way back. We adopted her as a gangly, parasite-ridden adolescent, off the side of a road in Texas, on our honeymoon road trip. She was our constant companion for every moment since. She’s traveled more miles and had more adventures than most humans can even dream. A wonderful creature like her should go in her sleep, painless, running through fields. Such short lifespans, for how much they mean to us.

I couldn’t write about her last road trip without writing about Honey. So I didn’t. Check Insta for pictures from then.

Then our aunt died, from a stage 4b cancer that is regularly screened for in women with reliable access to health care. She was vibrant, alive, health-conscious, eager for her new house, to be with her family, to raise animals and garden and hug her husband. Just like Honey, from one month to the next, she was gone.

I couldn’t write about my life without reference to her. So I didn’t.

Time just sweeps us along, damn it.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming.

Goodbye, I love you, I miss you, I wish you were here.


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