We can’t tell you where we are…

because our parents read this blog ;-). But three day ago we camped in -17F. Today, green lawns and 55F. More tomorrow…

….. Now is soon enough!

N called his dad and told him we were on the M/V Kennewick and headed to Port Townsend.

Hi Dad!

You may have noticed how few of the pics have people in them. I am still new to this blog thing, and a little virginal about the privacy rights of friends and family. If all our pics proximal to family visits are landscapes, selfies, and Honey shots…that is why.


The landing pic is of the marina in Squamish. A nice shot, but on closer inspection, the little marina and one room yacht club is experiencing a rough decade.

This morning, we were camping about 30 miles from Cache Creek, BC, on the Sea to Sky Hwy–Sky side. The morning view: we car-camped overlooking a broad valley. Cattle grazed a high mountain playa, a dozen feet from an intimidatingly deep gorge. At that early hour, margins are feathered in fog, and wet ground crackles where you walk. It is the kind of place I love. And the one damn time I REALLY want a telephoto lense for my cell phone.

Thirty miles from Cache Creek on the Sea to Sky Hwy in British Columbia.

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