Nature’s Nectar

So, if we aren’t sailing out on one of our family-famous madcap adventures, wtf ARE we doing?

Well, there’s always boat projects.

Time multiplier factors, in no particular order:

  • living on boat
  • winter temps and light availability
  • budget
  • presence of large dog
  • winter laziness and unlimited cellular data
  • specific boat part availability/shipping
  • spousal disagreement
  • family emergencies
  • cancelled departure plans.

This to explain why, with one connection to go, we still haven’t finished the solar install.  Almost.  Probably today.  Thanks to a recent infusion of first rate caffeine.

Although we love several coffee places in Seward for their ambiance or the charm of the owner’s personality, there is only one we love best.  The best coffee.  The best.


The small walk-up coffee stand facing the Seward boat harbor makes, bar none, the best espresso beverages in Seward.  And beats hollow 98% of the places in Alaska I’ve tried except maybe Black Cup, among a select few.  I am an unabashed connoisseur of plain lattes and the occasional cappuccino.  Her espresso roast is right, the grind is right, the tamping, the machine, the drip time, the volume, the temperature.  And the microfoam!!  She gets it right, every single time!

So many exclamation points, but the coffee really is that good.

Nature’s Nectar is also, in the most wonderful turn of luck, literally directly across the road from our pier. Which is why, when N walked up intending to buy us coffee this morning, he saw the long line.  And detoured immediately towards it.  Thank you, most handsome and deserving of husbands.

He delivered me the coffee without disclosing the source, curious as to whether I’d notice.

I took one sip and knew.  “She’s back!  Yes!”


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