Glorious Turnagain Pass

Where Anchorage and vicinity goes to find hike-in powder, drive-in high-marking, and just really beautiful scenery.

I’ve driven this road from Seward to Anchorage (and back) at least 30 times in the last 18 months. Ashamed to admit we’ve stopped here…..three times? I’ve gloried in the views, but not strapped on skis or snowshoes. Why why why why!?

We’ve been spectacularly physically lazy this winter. Perhaps we are conserving all our energy for the upcoming trip? Maybe we are no longer tough Fairbanksans, and quiver at cold weather? Yeah, after a few winters of palm trees and citrus fruits, activies producing red cheeks, numb fingers, and icicle snot do seem a LITTLE less fun.

We are 10 days out, and experiencing a nice high and crystal clear skies–which is also producing single digit temperatures and an iced-over harbor. N would like above freezing before we depart. In a La Nina year, I think we’ll have to resign ourselves to average temperatures in the 20s. I am insisting we leave if the weather is good, regardless of temperature. I don’t want to feel as vexed as I do about not skiing in mountain powder when we had the chance.

By the by: we drove up to Anchorage to get my Lenovo Thinkpad fixed–the LCD screen is shot. 10 months. It lasted 10 months. Good thing the Lenovo has a 1 yr manufacturers warranty. I love that thing, but when I think my six year old Asus EEE is still alive and just retired because updating the internals is beyond my skills…grr. Also grr that it broke 12 days prior to leaving.

A trip up always involves other errands, and getting lost in Costco.

We stumbled out into the bright sun, disoriented and poorer with a full shopping cart. The doorman had commented cheerily, “Less than $200! Don’t see that often!”

N said “Costco is like a casino–it could be noon it could be midnight, you wander for hours, and they spit you out when you run out of money.”


Had a fairly epic girls’ night out in Anchorage with an old/new friend: rambunctious dinner at Turkish Delight, late night lattes at the Black Cup, and pinball and licentious commentary at Koot’s (Chilkoot Charlie’s). I was DD, but I’ve never needed alcohol to live up to the adjectives rambunctious or licentious ;-).

Dropped her off around 2am, drove back to Seward, got supersleepy and pulled over for a nap around Turnagain Pass. -4F, but that’s why polarfleece throws and good winter gear were invented.

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