February 10th–We go!

We told everyone who asked, “taking off beginning of February, exploring Prince William Sound.”  With February dead ahead, we still haven’t set a firm departure date.  So I’m saying the 10th.  Barring weather.  And farewell dinner hangovers.

Some friends may help us celebrate that Friday, some friends may want to buddy boat to Thumb Cove, we may be asking some friends for help to meet this entirely self-imposed deadline.

In the interim, it. will. be. madness.

We’re driving up to Anchorage tomorrow–N’s gone for a week, got a class in New Jersey.  He’s bummed because he has to wear business casual for a week.  No jeans.  Don’t they know we’re from Alaska?  Jeans and XtraTuffs in Southeast, jeans and bunny boots further north.  I’m chortling because N already has more clothing than I do, and now he needs more.  #fancy.

Also today–tearing out our hair trying to figure out the layout, source and specs for the half-dozen dc breakers and GFCIs, and three bus bars required for the solar panels and charge controller.  There’ve already been heated words over wire sizing, and rebellious mutterings about chucking Midnite Solar’s directions in favor of a bladed fuse box.    Also, why the hell do we need an additional $100, 300V, microsecond response, surge protection device?    Answer:  Lighting and transient electromagnetic effects.  Ok, I suppose so.  Dang it.

As usual, the final bits of a project are the ones I resent. Let there be (solar) power already!

While N is busy with his training, I’m hoping to finish some small but high-impact projects:  backing plates, new boat cushions, better ventilation at the foot of the vberth, and the start of a new and more centrally-located canned goods pantry.  Of course, while I’m working, the pressure canner will be working too.

We’ve already eaten through six of the jars I already pressure canned–N is a fan of convenience food.  Bodes well ;-).

And last–I’ve got beef brisket brining for corned beef when he gets back in a week.  Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots; a few cocktails; and I’m thinking a lemon meringue tower.  It’ll be a nice turn-around.  I’ve had many more chances to travel solo, and he always did something special for my return.

2 thoughts on “February 10th–We go!

  1. Hehe, yep, keep those departure dates in pencil. We’re so superstitious we don’t even write the next date into our cruising log until after we raise the anchor.

    Good luck with all your prep.

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