Rainy Day Projects

This is going to be a recurring post title.  Especially in Southeast Alaska.  There is a reason why I have not done the various and sundry fiberglass and epoxy tasks topside.  Besides 14,000 miles of roadtrips to see N, last summer.  (At which point, I would offload another few cubic feet of stuf from the boat, do his dishes, have a little marital fun, make him put on pants and eat vegetables for a few days, load project supplies and tools, then go back home to the boat 😉 ) (I’d squeeze in a hike at Denali National Park along the way, which may have taken some sunny days out of the equation, too) (Oh, and there are dozens of great hikes around Seward and between Seward and Anchorage.)(Ack, and the friend meetups!)(I did also go on a few recreational roadtrips towards Homer, including one time I came home with a Portland Pudgy dinghy strapped to the roof of the Focus)(OK, there are a few reasons why the fiberglass work hasn’t been done)(But it really is rainy here in Seward.)

I took a few dozen photos of our activities, but honestly, I’m tired of posting pictures taken in gloom.  The photos outdoors could be screensavers, but the boat pics have an air of dismals which is NOT ACCURATE!

Especially after working on collecting pre-trip info on our citizen science plans, slicing into some fresh-baked bread for grilled cheese sandwiches, unboxing my new 20qt pressure cooker, starting on sewing new settee cushions, and building a removable floor under the galley peninsula so as to store the new giant pressure cooker.  Glee all around!  But pictures will have to wait until sunlight.

Vberth Update:  the mattess and the formerly damp hatch has remained dry.  No moisture whatsoever.  Ditto the surface of the foam lining the hull, and the sailbags stored atop it. The sopping wet uninsulated area around the anchor locker has drained exactly as desired, and the small bilge pump we have at the lowest part of the vberth hull drained the water.  Alas, the upper walls in the vberth, and the area around the shoebox flange are still giving us trouble.

By the way, although a post is in the works on citizen science options locally,  we (I) have also been participating in a thread on Cruisers’ Forum, which looks like it will be a valuable resource in the future.



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