The internet is consuming my life.

And I am not wasting time — although, as Nathan does like to tell every dinner guest, I can do three other tasks and still read, listen to a podcast, or watch tv on my phone at the same time.  He’s not wrong, though the science to date is preeeety clear that multi-tasking lowers performance on the individual tasks.  Eeep.

The internet is consuming my life.

Ok, I’ve indulged in a single internet feud, but I was disciplined and did not say anything about my homicidal urges.

The internet is consuming my life.

We have, temporarily, harbor wifi.  And we use the hell out of it just in the pursuit of entertainment and DIY assistance, and, recently, as a strange holiday gift to ourselves, Turtle Travels.

Nav downloads
Table 1:  Navigation-related data-hogging.


I am generally responsible for ensuring we have all the information we need before we leave.  The longer the trip, the more remote, the more ambitious my activity list, the less experience we have in any area–the more time I have to spend searching for, downloading, screen clipping, collating, and studying the answers to all the questions.  In case you are curious, the answers sum up to 42.

Don’t get me wrong, the whole process is ridic fun.  Just, damn!  I’m going to need a data detox!

citsci downloads
Table 2: More wifi work






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