Our home is a sailboat in Alaska

Myself, my husband, our big fluffy dog Honey–on Meander, a 1989 Catalina 36 currently residing in Seward, Alaska.

If you google for people like us, you might use these terms: liveaboards, cruisers, sailors (sort of), survivalists, hippies, off-the-grid, bums, living the dream, adventurers, fools.

Cold Fun!

Our names could come up in relation to searches for perfectly crafted boat pizza, quite good electrical work, a weird bimini built on a budget, winning karaoke competitions, catching halibut, dipnetting for salmon, building a 4×4 poptop Toyota Chinook camper, homesteading in Interior Alaska, and setting all sorts of new and continuing adventure goals involving warmer climates and jumping off boats.

Warm fun!

But you don’t know any of that about us, or any of the other things we’ve done, you might not be interested in us.  YET.


I’m sure we aren’t pretty enough to justify you following along with us on the basis of a rounded form or chiseled cheekbones (unless you like the rounded form of pizza belly) so I better lure you in with photos until we have CONTENT!


We do have an attractive female on our boat.  Everyone says she’s beautiful, and wants to touch her all the time.

Honey 01


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